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FAANG After the Fall

FANG stocks are in a rut right now, and the question I have is will they rally back?

The Next BIG Thing in Retail

I’ve got a lot of great ideas for what just might be the next BIG thing in retail. You can learn more about each stock here.

Re-Ranking the Top Stocks

There’s been a lot of changes in the stock market recently. David Sharek is re-ranking my top stocks, here’s six of his current leaders:

Retail is Sharek’s Top Sector

Move over software stocks, retail is the new hot sector. Here are six of our favorite retailers including TJX (TJX) and Ross Stores (ROST).

Chinese Stocks & the Decline of CNY

Chinese stocks are down more than 15% this year as the Chinese dollar (CNY) has fallen. Here’s Sharek’s take on 6 top Chinese stocks.

The Most Dangerous Stocks in the Market

Lots of growth stocks are on parabolic moves, which is dangerous because a decline could be swift and hard. Meanwhile, value stocks are down.

Retail is Looking Strong this Spring

One of the hottest sectors in the stock market is retail — with clothing sales and home renovations leading the way.

Is It Time to Sell FANG?

Here’s my take on the FAAANG stocks: Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Alibaba (BABA), Netflix (NFLX), and Alphabet (GOOGL), .

Five New Hot Stocks For 2018

This month in my Growth Stock Newsletter I focus on five new hot stocks that investors might not be aware of.

My Top Ten Conservative Stocks for 2018

In the world of conservative stocks, the Retail, Financial and Technology sectors will rule the roost in 2018. Here’s my Top Ten for 2018.

My Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2018

Technology stocks continue to lead the stock market in a big way, and six of my Top Ten Growth Stocks or 2018 are tech top names.

Polishing the Portfolio

My flagship Growth Portfolio is up north of 40% year-to-date, and I’m not waiting on the year to end. These portfolio’s aren’t finished. I need to do some polishing.

Investing in Artificial Intelligence

The next big sector of growth in the stock market will be artificial intelligence, or A.I. Computers that can teach themselves, and advance technology faster than ever.