Stock Research is Our Specialty

Our one-year charts display weekly stock prices (high, low, and close) for the last 52 weeks, with qtrly profit growth & future qtrly Estimates below the chart. 

The stock’s Est. LTG is at the top, as well as the P/E ratio (also known as multiple). A short history of Annual Profits is on the right.

Our Earnings Tables have a plethora of data. Fundamentals from each qtr are posted horizontally, with annual profit estimates at that time on the right. 

Stock growth often follows profit growth, thus the Qtrly Profit Growth column is important. Profit growth figures of 20% or greater is in green, less than 10% are in red.

If a company is beating the street or upping estimates that’s a good sign. When estimates are lowered, it could mean trouble on the horizon.

Annual Profit Estimates are in green if these increased from the previous qtr and red if they declined. Huge increases in estimates is often a characteristic of a top stock.

Profit History tables display a company’s annual profits (in EPS), median stock price and P/E the stock sold for. Dividend history is included on the far-right. Record profit years are in green, non-record years are in red.

Stocks often have similar P/E’s year-in year-out. Using past history and the future outlook, we estimate a Fair Value for the stock.

Our ten-year charts show the monthly price data for the stock during the past decade, with profits along the right and the profit growth rate at the bottom.

At the School of Hard Stocks, we are are buy-and-hold investors as in the long-run a stock’s growth is often similar to its profit growth (if the P/E remains consistent).

How to Read Our Charts & Tables

At The School of Hard Stocks we do our own independent research.  

After a company in our coverage reports earnings, we update charts and tables for our research reports. 

View Our Sample Research

When researching stocks, you often look-back to past stock market winners to see what they looked like at before the big run. Easily accessible data is a must. 

Our research library currently has more than 1903 articles on some of the stock market’s top stocks, and is available to subscribers with a paid membership.

Old research reports teach you the characteristics to look for in a top stock, thus make it easier to find tomorrow’s stock market winners today.

The School of Hard Stocks
was founded in 2008, utilizing HTML to build pages. In Mid-2010 we embarked on a new era for the company, utilizing WordPress. This made it easy to build a large stock research library.

Here’s our first research report using WordPress, AAPL 2010 Q3. Note: AAPL has had a 7-for-1 split since this was written, thus it was $37 after-splits.

About David Sharek

David Sharek is stock portfolio manager for Shareks Stock Portfolios and founder of The School of Hard Stocks.

Since 2003, Sharek’s Growth Stock Portfolio has averaged a 12% return to its investors (after fees) vs. 8% in the S&P 500. 

Through 2018, $100,000 invested in the Growth Portfolio at inception would have made a profit of $235,000 vs. $185,000 in the S&P 500 during that same time.

David has written more than 2500 stock research reports on the School of Hard Stocks. Utilizing the research posted here in this site, David manages three stock portfolios for his investors: Growth Stock Portfolio, Aggressive Growth Portfolio, and Conservative Stock Portfolio. 

Before Sharek takes a new position in a stock — or sells out of a stock — a research report stating so is posted before trades are entered, although positions are often increased or reduced without notification (as he’s managing the portfolios).  

David Sharek has posted four years of +40% returns in his 16 year career as a stock portfolio manager.

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