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Global Payments is More Than a Payment Processor

Global Payments (GPN) is a payment processor, providing technology for merchants to take payments. Now GPN is evolving into a software provider as well.

HubSpot is Delivering Triple-Digit Profit Growth

In my book, the faster the profit growth the better, which makes HubSpot (HUBS) a favorite of mine as its delivering triple-digit growth.

Can McDonald’s Do Any Better?

McDonald’s (MCD) is clicking on all cylinders right now. But with the stock shooting from the $160s to the $180s, can it go any higher?

Delivery, Advertising Costs Will Cut Grubhub’s Profits

Grubhub (GRUB) was a high-flying stock with loads of potential, but GRUB cut profit estimates to spend more on delivery &advertising.

PetIQ Issues Stock, 2018 Profit Estimates Decline

PetIQ has vast growth opportunity as it takes its VetIIQ from 20 locations to 1000. But PETQ just issued more stock to help pay for this.

Lululemon Dropped When It Should Have Popped

Shares of Lululemon (LULU) fell after the company reported solid profit growth of 34% last qtr. LULU dropped when it should have popped.

Microsoft is a Top Tech Stock to Own

Microsoft (MSFT) is doing great, and with Apple’s struggles, MSFT now replaces AAPL as a top tech stock to own.

The Trade Desk Is the Future of Advertising

Digital advertising where companies market to who matters is growing field that The Trade Desk (TTD) is taking a piece of.

Illumina’s P/E Looks Good, But Profit Estimates Don’t

Illumina (ILMN) often has a P/E in the high-50s or 60s, and now its around 50. This could be a time to buy, but profit growth looks to slow.

Ultimate Software’s Drop is No Fault of its Own

Ultimate Software (ULTI) has gotten slammed recently, and when I look at the numbers, the drop in the stock is no fault of its own.

Government Deals Help Service Now Beat the Street

Software company ServiceNow (NOW) is getting a lot of government deals, and I expect this stock to be a market leader in 2019.

Lower Profit Estimates is Hurting Shares of 3M

3M’s (MMM) 2019 profit estimates have declined from $11.49 to $11.42, $11.24 and $10.79 the last 4 qtrs, and that’s hurting the stock.

Amazon Should Lead the Stock Market in 2019

Amazon (AMZN) continues to be the best stock in my coverage, and I expect AMZN to be THE stock market leader in 2019.