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Our stock research has been a staple for stockbrokers and financial advisers for more than a decade. Now avaiable to online investors as well.

Our Focus is on Finding Stocks that Compound Over Time

At the School of Hard Stocks we do our own independent research and publish Research Reports on what we believe are the top stocks at the time.

  • We scour the stock market searching for stocks we believe have the ability to compound in value over time.
  • We narrow our focus on what we think are the top 75 to 100 stocks in the stock market.
  • After each company in our coverage reports earnings, we read the earnings call and gather relevant news.
  • Quarterly research reports are published for each stock in our coverage utilizing these charts and tables.
  • Trades our made for clients in managed accounts.

David Sharek has published 1647 stock research reports on top growth stocks during the past five years (2015-2019) including Tesla (TSLA), ServiceNow (NOW), Trade Desk (TTD) and Paycom Software (PAYC).

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Research Reports

If you’re the type who likes to manage their own stock portfolio, you need to be aware of the top stocks, you can’t leave your portfolio on cruise control. You have to buy big winners towards the beginning of a run higher.

There are a slew fantastic new stocks, and you don’t have time to research each one. Now you can have a trusted source to rely on to tell you what stocks look good and what they may be worth. 

Research Reports are available with a Paid Membership. Here’s a free sample report, our latest on Apple (AAPL):

Research Report Archives

When researching stocks, you often look-back to past stock market winners to see what they looked like at before the big run, or see why a company had lower profits one year.

Subscribe to a Paid Membership. and gain access to our Research Report Library, which holds data going back ten years on some of the best stocks during the decade.

Here’s a free peek at our Apple (AAPL) research library:

Growth Stock Power Rankings

Want to manage your own stock portfolio, but don’t have the time (or expertise) to do the work? We have portfolios you can mirror your own after.

Our Growth Stock Research includes in-depth research reports on top growth stocks in the market, including the Growth Portfolio Power Rankings. This is one of the best perks of a Paid Membership.

Value Stock Power Rankings

If you’re sick and tired of low-CD rates, and desire growth with safety, our Conservative Growth Portfolio holds some of the best Blue Chip stocks around.

Our Conservative Stock Research includes in-depth research reports on Blue Chip stocks, some which pay dividends.

Here we show you our Conservative Growth Portfolio Power Rankings., which is David’s ranking of the top value stocks in the stock market.

Case Study

Apple (AAPL) 2009 Q4

A great way to learn how to identify great stocks is to go back and see what a big winner looked like before it made a dramatic gain.

Apple (AAPL) has been one of the best stocks during the last decade, so let’s go back ten years see what the stock looked like at the time. In this exercise, I’ll put my AAPL 2009 Q4 research report (and comments at the time) on the right with white background. My current comments and explanation of how to read the tables and charts are on the left with a grey background. AAPL had a 7-for-1 stock split since these charts were made in 2009 Q4, so I remade these and adjusted my comments to account for the split.

Sharek's Take

This is the section in a Research Report where I give my overall take on the stock and discuss recent news as well as catalysts that could push profits higher. Remember these tables, charts and comments are from 2009. Charts and tables are adjusted for splits.

David SharekApple (AAPL) is holding up well in this recent correction. The stock doubled after breaking out in March and is currently around 10% off its 52-week high even though the market has been correcting for around two weeks now. AAPL’s ability to not-buckle in the face of a declining market makes me think the stock is a solid leader.

China’s market is going to be hard to gauge as iPhones will run up to $1000 there. This foreign market already has iPhones — ones purchased in the states and brought in individually.

One Year Chart

Our one-year charts display weekly stock prices (high, low, and close) for the last 52 weeks, with qtrly profit growth bottom/left & profit growth Estimates for the next 2 qtrs bottom/right. The stock’s Estimated Long Term Growth Rate at the top is analyst profit growth estimates for the next 3-5 years. The P/E ratio and short history of Annual Profits is on the right.

Outstanding profitability has returned. AAPL had been growing profits in the teens but last quarter profits shot up more than 50% as the company whipped estimates by the most this year — clearly this stock is very timely.

At 24 times earnings, this stock is a very good investment. Profits are expected to grow an average of 23% during the next two quarters as the company makes a big push into China. 

Earnings Table

Our Earnings Tables have a plethora of data. Fundamentals from each qtr are posted horizontally, with Annual Profit Estimates at that time on the right.

Annual Profit Estimates are in green if these increased from the previous qtr and red if they declined. 

Profit estimates fluctuate before a qtr is announced. Each qtrly adjustment is noted in the Beat, Met, Missed by rows. So LastQtr AAPL beat estimates by 6 cents, and this estimate was upped by 2 cents three months earlier.

In the Qtrly Profit Growth column, profit growth of 20% or greater are in green, less than 10% are in red.

Apple’s (profit) growth was an astounding 53% last quarter. Remember revenue from the iPhone is spread out over a 24-month period, bringing in a steady revenue stream each quarter.

AAPL whipped earnings estimates by 6 cents last quarter, after beating by 3 cents and 3 cents the previous two quarters. So far this is a solid quarter.

Annual Profit Estimates continue to climb. 2010 estimates jumped $0.14 and 2011’s by $0.19. Everything is now going AAPL’s way.

Profit growth is expected to grow 24% over the next four quarters — and these estimates keep jumping. I think 35% is coming.

Fair Value

Profit History tables display a company’s annual profits (in EPS), median stock price and P/E the stock sold for. Dividend history is included on the far-right. Record profit years are in green, non-record years are in red.

Using past history and the future outlook, we estimate a Fair Value P/E for the stock. A rule of thumb is the P/E = the rate profits are growing at.

With 35% growth here, 35 times earnings is very fair for this stock. AAPL could garner a 40-45 P/E later in the year, but 35 times still gives this stock solid upside potential in the next year.

Bottom Line

Our ten-year charts show the monthly price data for the stock during the past decade, with profits along the right and the profit growth rate at the bottom.

Over the long-run (ten years) a stock’s growth is often similar to its profit growth (if the P/E remains consistent).

At the bottom of each Research Report we tell you if the stock is worthy for one of our portfolios, and if so where the stock ranks in that portfolio’s Power Rankings. Higher rated stocks are normally larger positions in portfolios.

Apple was a turnaround story in the early part of the decade. Around 2004-2005 the company started to whip earnings estimates each quarter — and post solid profit growth. I didn’t beleive AAPL’s success could continue because estimates showed growth in the teens up ahead.

Apple is a solid market leader — profit growth is excellent, the company is upping estimates, and the P/E is lower than it should be.

AAPL is now the top stock in both the Growth Portfolio and the Aggressive Growth Portfolio. This stock is timely and has solid upside potential.

During 2009 Q4 AAPL was $27 after-splits. The stock is $271 in my AAPL 2019 Q4 report, giving its investors a ten-fold gain in ten years (a ten-bagger) in addition to $16 in dividends.

Also, Apple was my #1 stock at this time, but I have nothing to brag about . I bought and sold the stock multiple times during the past decade, and didn’t deliver a ten-fold gain to my clients like I would have if I held.

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About David Sharek

David Sharek is stock portfolio manager for Shareks Stock Portfolios and founder of The School of Hard Stocks.

Since 2003, Sharek’s Growth Stock Portfolio has averaged a 12% return to its investors (after fees) vs. 8% in the S&P 500.

Through 2018, $100,000 invested in the Growth Portfolio at inception would have made a profit of $235,000 vs. $185,000 in the S&P 500 during that same time.

David has written more than 2500 stock research reports for the School of Hard Stocks. Utilizing the research posted here in this site, David manages three stock portfolios for his investors: Growth Stock Portfolio, Aggressive Growth Portfolio, and Conservative Stock Portfolio.

Before Sharek takes a new position in a stock — or sells out of a stock — a research report stating so is posted before trades are entered, although positions are often increased or reduced without notification (as he’s managing the portfolios).

David Sharek has posted four years of +40% returns in his 16 year career as a stock portfolio manager.

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