The Definitive Guide to Growth Stocks

How to Search for Tomorrow's Stock Market Winners Today

Focus Your Attention on Top Stocks

I have always been intrigued by stocks that made the biggest gains. So around the turn of the century I spent countless evenings researching the biggest winners, trying to spot trends or characteristics these stocks had.

Eventually, I was able to spot the pattern, or theme, many superstar stocks possessed.

I started to uncover secrets only the smartest minds in the money management business knew; tips they shrewdly kept to themselves.

From Walmart (WMT) during the 1970s to Starbucks (SBUX) during the 1990s, most great stocks had lots in common as they trounced the market. It was as if they were all poured from the same mold.

Armed with this knowledge, I went to work to find one stock after another that “fit the mold”.

I put my research into a handy 6-page guide, the Definitive Guide to Growth Stocks. The most important thing I learned is profit growth leads to stock growth.

David Sharek

Stock Portfolio Manager
School of Hard Stocks

Profit Growth Leads to Stock Growth

This table changed my life. To the right are some of the most recognized stocks of the 1990s, with their annual profit growth rates and stock growth rates.

I sorted these companies with the best stocks in the left column. Notice the best stocks also had better profit growth rates than each stock on the right.

My research points to profit growth driving stock growth. The faster the profit growth the better.

Click the Stocks During the 2010’s Tab to view top stocks from the previous decade.

The Definitive Guide to Growth Stocks

How to Search for Tomorrow's Stock Market Winners Today

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The Definitive Guide to Growth Stocks by David Sharek, Stock Portfolio Manager, and Sharek's Stock Portfolio Management.

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