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Who said you can’t beat the market?

David Sharek did. He’s managed his Growth Stock portfolio since 2003  — and beat the market. Here are some quick stats:

  • Average annual return of 12% per year vs. the S&P 500’s 9%.
  • Four years of +40% returns.
  • Up 24% year-to-date through February.

Note: Past performance is no indication of future gains.

Our Specialty is Growth Stock Research

At the School of Hard Stocks, we researched the top stocks of our generation. From Walmart (WMT), to Home Depot (HD), Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL), these great stocks all had a similar set of traits or characteristics.

Following this blueprint, we develop in-house stock research on the top stocks of today, including Facebook (FB), Salesforce (CRM) and Hubspot (HUBS).

Utilizing this research, David Sharek manage stock portfolios for individuals (including IRAs and 401k rollovers) at our Madison Avenue offices.

Our stock research is also published on the School of Hard Stocks website, where we offer two membership choices:

  1. Free Membership — gets you our 12-page Definitive Guide to Growth Stocks to show you the system, and David Sharek’s monthly Growth Stock Newsletter
  2. Paid Membership — give you all of the above, and includes our proprietary research reports and Power Rankings for our Growth Portfolio and Conservative Growth Portfolio.

Stock Education

Learn the characteristics top stocks possess as they make their way higher in this jam-packed 12-page report the Definitive Guide to Growth Stocks.

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Get David Sharek's Growth Stock Newsletter, a monthly 4-page publication on what stocks are hot in the market today. Includes access to the Newsletter Archives and Sharek's Top Ten Stocks for 2019.

Research Reports

If you're the type who likes to manage their own stock portfolio, our research reports can do your stock research for you.

Growth Stock Research

Our Growth Stock Research includes in-depth research reports on top growth stocks in the market, including the Growth Portfolio Power Rankings.

Value Stock Research

Our Value Stock Research includes in-depth research reports on Blue Chip stocks, some which pay dividends. Includes the Conservative Growth Portfolio Power Rankings.

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