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David SharekWelcome to the School of Hard Stocks, where we are searching for tomorrow’s stock market winners today.

Our specialty is our stock Research Reports, which are available via subscription for only $25 a month.

Here’s a couple FREE Research Reports reports, so you can see our work:

FREE Research Reports

Stock Education

If you’re new to stocks or want to sharpen your stock picking skills, you came to the right place.

In our Definitive Guide to Growth Stocks I’ll show you how to identify stocks with the ability to compound in value over the long-term. Characteristics include:

  • Buy Stocks with High Profit Growth
  • Buy Stocks that Beat the Street
  • Buy Stocks with Catalysts

Stock News

Our Growth Stock Newsletter is published monthly and FREE to investors. No subscription required.

Stock Research

Our Stock Research has been a staple for stockbrokers and financial advisors for more than a decade. Our process is as follows:

Scour the Globe

We scour the world searching for stocks we think have the ability to compound in value over time.

Narrowed Focus

We narrow our focus on what we beleive are the top 75 to 100 stocks in the stock market at that time.

Update Stock Data

After a company reports quarterly earnings, we update fundamentals on each stock's spreadsheet.

Research Reports

David reads the earnings call, gathers relevant news, prepares charts and writes stock Research Reports.

Power Rankings

Stocks in our coverage are then ranked in our Growth Stocks and/or Value Stock Power Rankings.

Manage Portfolios

For our Money Management clients, we go into each account and place buy and/or sell trades.

FREE Research Reports

Here’s more FREE Research Reports so you can see what to expect (no subscription required):

Power Rankings

With thousands of stocks to choose from, managing your own portfolio is a never-ending task. One of the top benefits of a subscription to The School of Hard Stocks is our proprietary Power Rankings. Here you can get Sharek’s rankings on the top Growth Stocks and Conservative Growth Stocks in the stock market today.

Stocks We Cover

Our proprietary stock Research Reports are what differentiates us from other stock research websites.

With limited hours in each day, your time is important. Ours is too.

Instead of covering the entire stocks market, we focus our attention (and time) on what we believe are the top 75 to 100 stocks in the stock market.

Money Management

Want to own a stock portfolio, but don’t have the time to manage it? We can do it for you.

Our parent company, Sharek’s Stock Portfolios, is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Sharek’s manages stock portfolios on a fee-basis. Accounts are held at custodians TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.  Clients own their own stocks, and can view their accounts online (or via an app) at anytime.

Our specialty is growing IRAs, which includes 401k Rollovers.

Ready to Learn More?

Looking to Learn Stocks?

Stock Education
  • Whether you're new to the stock market or have been trading for years, let us show you the characteristics top stocks possess.

Searching for Top Stocks?

Stock Research
  • If you're the type who likes to manage their own stock portfolio, our research reports can do your stock research for you.

Want a Portfolio Manager?

Money Management
  • We can manage your stock portfolio for you on a fee basis, getting you in and out while you view your stocks online anytime.

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