My Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2020

Last year, Sharek’s Top Ten list returned 51% during 2019. What does this list have in store for 2020? Software stocks.

A Decade View of FANG

Let’s take a look back at how well the FANG stocks — including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet — have performed during the past ten-years.

The Rise of Discount Retail Stocks

Mall-based retailers have been getting out of commission, but a slew of discount retailers continue to drive sales & profits higher.

Are These Stocks Too High To Buy?

There’s a handful of stocks that have skied higher, but left us behind watching. Here’s David Sharek’s short list of hot stocks to buy — if the price is right.

Sharek’s Take on the FinTech Stocks

The ability to move money via your tablet or cell phone is being made possible by FinTech, or Financial Technology.

Blue Chip Stocks for Baby Boomers

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you may be looking to grow your money while staying safe. Blue Chips might be what you’re looking for.

It’s a NEW Bull Market

It’s clear which stocks will lead the NEW Bull Market higher — the ones showing strength so far this year.

Are These Stocks Bound For A Rebound?

With lots of stocks back to All-Time highs, let’s look at some down-and-out names to see if they are bound for a rebound.