The Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet works as a helping hand to guide investors through market cycles. If we are in a bear market, put your money here. Market’s good and going higher? Time to invest there. The Cheat Sheet is David Sharek’s source for deciding which sectors to invest in during different segments of the economic cycle. New and Improved Cheat Sheet […]

Top-Down vs. Bottom Up

When building a stock portfolio, there are two methods of selecting stocks. Top-down or bottom up. Top-down Investing Top-down investing looks at the overall economy first, determines which part of the economic cycle we are in, selects sectors which should outperform during that time period, then buys the best stocks within those sectors. Investors who follow […]

Six Profitable Stock Tips

History has proven over centuries that a company’s stock price reflects the profits the company earns. With this in mind, it’s important for every successful investor to have a set of rules in place to guide him to the best stocks and away from the worst. Here are six profitable stock tips to keep in […]