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Time to Say Goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye to a former top holding that has fallen and cannot get back up. Take care Apple (AAPL), come back soon.

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Upgrade This?

Shares of Apple (AAPL) rose $15 to $566 yesterday as the stock got upgraded to Buy at a brokerage firm. Here’s my take on shares of

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A Textbook Correction

Apple (AAPL) went from $400 to $700 in less than a year. After a move like that a correction to $550 was inevitable. Now the stock can go to $1000.

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The Run has Just Begun

Think Apple’s (AAPL) move is done? Think again. The run has just begun. On the horizon I see the stock blowing past $1000. Even $2500 is possible.

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Liftoff to $500

Just before Apple (AAPL) reported last quarter’s earnings, the stock was $420. Now it’s pushed through $500 and could make a parabolic move.

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It Was a Beat, Not a Miss

This was the first earnings release after Steve Jobs passed away. The headlines said AAPL missed estimates by 34 cents. But in reality, AAPL beat the street. This stock is around $400 and should at least be $680.

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The Levee Broke at Apple

Last quarter in my Apple (AAPL) article, I wrote “The pressure is building. The levee has to break”. Well the levee has broke and the stock has hit all-time highs — yet to me the stock is cheaper. Here’s why…

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Sweet 16

Apple’s (AAPL) sweet 16. Not the stock price, the P/E. Apple’s business is actually accelerating — with estimates jumping higher. This is one of the top investments of our time.

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Apple’s got a 16 P/E

Apple’s (AAPL) got a 16 P/E. Apple’s got a 16 P/E. Apple’s got a 16 P/E. The iPhone and iPad awesome, and I’m going to tell you about something that could be even bigger.

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AAPL 2023 Q4

Apple (AAPL) is expected to report qtrly profits (EPS) and revenues:

Profits Estimates: $1.39 vs. $1.29 = +8%
Revenue Est: -1%

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