Apple’s Lost that Growing Feeling

Apple’s (AAPL) profit estimates just got gashed, as iPhone revenue (62% of sales) declined 15% last qtr. Sharek feels AAPL is done as a growth stock.

Apple is My Favorite Stock Right Now

Apple (AAPL) is my favorite stock right now, and holds the top spot in all my Power Rankings. Here’s what I think the stock is worth.

Contrary to Reports, Apple is Looking Good

Apple (AAPL) stock was getting slammed a couple weeks ago — both in the markets and in the news. Maybe that was just “fake news” as profits look to grow briskly the next 4 qtrs.

Apple Just Kicked it Up a Notch

Apple (AAPL) just kicked it up a notch as its profits swelled 24% last qtr. What’s more is qtrly Estimates are for 12%, 39%, 32% and 20% profit growth the next 4 qtrs.