Did You Know This About Apple?

Apple (AAPL) is in everyone’s good graces again, I think its fitting to have a little “did you know” about AAPL stock.

One Year Chart

Did you know as of this quarter AAPL is up 50% in the last year? Did you know the stock is just shy of its $101 high set in September of 2012.

Did you know the company grew profits 20% last quarter? Did you know that’s the best profit growth AAPL has had since the quarter ending September 30th 2012?

Did you know Apple only had 6% revenue growth last quarter?

Did you know AAPL has beaten street profit estimates in each of the last five quarters? By a total of 58 cents. But did you know these estimates were previously lowered by a total of $4.76?

Did you know AAPL has a P/E of 16? Since the company has its fiscal year-end September 30th, I’m already looking ahead and calculating a P/E based on 2015 estimates. So AAPL is now selling for 14 x 2015 estimates in my book.

Did you know the stock hasn’t had a median P/E over 14 since 2010? Did you know profits that year soared 140%? From $0.90 to $2.16. And still the median P/E that year was only 17.

Fair Value

AAPL_2014_Q3_FVDid you know that last quarter AAPL’s P/E was 13 and I pegged AAPL’s Fair Value P/E at 13? These charts & tables were done last week when AAPL was $99, and today with the market down the stock is $95, selling for 13 1/2 times earnings.

Did you know Apple made $6.31 in 2012 and is expected to make $6.31 in 2014?

Did you know during the past decade profits have grown 62% per year while the stock’s grown 46% per year?

Did you know AAPL’s Annual Profit Estimates have increased in three of the last four quarters? The most impressive is 2016 estimates which have increased from $7.18 to $7.86 during that time.

Sharek’s Take

Bottom line: Apple isn’t as bad as it used to be, but with no new products coming out the company has to just keep selling iPhones, iPads and Macintosh computers. That’s old business. What the company needs is something new and exciting to get my juices flowing.

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