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Stocks on the Radar for the Conservative Portfolio

Nike Digital is Scoring Like a Champion

Nike is scoring big with its Digital platforms such as and the Nike app. But with a rich valuation, is the good news already priced into the stock?

3M Comes Back to Earth

3M (MMM) stock has had an amazing decade as investors were impressed with its high dividend yield. Now MMM has come back to earth.

J&J Snack Foods Has Been a Good Stock

J&J Snack Foods (JJSF) is a food maker, with 20% of sales coming from soft-bake pretzels. JJSF’s gone from $30 to $150 during the past decade, here’s what Sharek thinks of it now.

Higher Rates, Higher Dollar Hurting 3M

Shares of 3M (MMM) broke their uptrend last qtr as higher interest rates and a stronger dollar have made the shares less valuable in my eyes.

M&T Bank, I’m Sorry. Please Come Back.

I sold M&T Bank (MTB) before it went on a tear higher after Trump got elected. Now I’m sorry I sold, and am looking to get back in on a dip.

Sharek’s Hot Take on the Facebook Scandal

If you wanted Facebook (FB) stock, you would have already owned it. Also, annual profit growth is expected to slow from 46% last year to 18% this year. Here’s my take on FB stock.