Dollar General Has Lost All Momentum

Dollar General (DG) has lost all momentum as profit growth fell to 0% last qtr. But with the stock hitting support at $70, is the stock a bargain right now?

The Formula For Success

Dollar General (DG) has a successful formula of remodeling old stores, building new ones, and buying back stock. I will add DG to the Growth Portfolio today.

Growing in Multiple Ways

Dollar General (DG) is growing in many ways in addition to paying a dividend. With DG down, this is a good time for long-term investors to buy in.

Dollar Stores Are Weak

Dollar stores like Dollar General (DG) are looking pretty weak right now. Still, DDD is a good stock for the long term.

A Safe Haven

With the Dow down around 200 points for the 2nd straight day, let’s look at Dollar General (DG), a stock that can provide a safe haven during turbulent times.

Wait for a Better Deal

Dollar General (DG) is one of the best dollar stores to invest in. Unfortunately, we missed out on getting DG “on sale” earlier in the year.

Sector Selloff Creates Opportunity

Dollar General (DG) has been in a downturn since mid-2012 because dollar stores had a slowdown. I see this as a buying opportunity for DG.

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