Lower Mortgage Rates Could Boost Home Depot

Home Depot (HD) is expected to have just 2% profit growth in 20019, but lower interest rates could help push profit growth into the double-digits.

Wow! Home Depot Looks Great!

Shares of Home Depot (HD) look great as profit growth accelerated from $17% to 25% last qtr. With a P/E of 21, HD has some upside.

Home Depot Has a Lot of Good Catalysts

There’s a lot of good things going on at Home Depot (HD). E-commerce sales, big ticket sales and professional sales are leading the charge.

Natural Disasters Set to Boost Home Depot in 2018

Natural disasters such as wildfires in California and Hurricanes in the Southern US are expected to boost profits for Home Depot in 2018. And a good housing market helps too.

Housing Market is Perfect for Home Depot

A solid housing market is perfect for Home Depot (HD) as people are willing to spend on improving their homes if the homes are increasing in value.