My Top Ten Conservative Stocks for 2018

In the world of conservative stocks, the Retail, Financial and Technology sectors will rule the roost in 2018. Here’s my Top Ten for 2018.

My Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2018

Technology stocks continue to lead the stock market in a big way, and six of my Top Ten Growth Stocks or 2018 are tech top names.

Polishing the Portfolio

My flagship Growth Portfolio is up north of 40% year-to-date, and I’m not waiting on the year to end. These portfolio’s aren’t finished. I need to do some polishing.

Investing in Artificial Intelligence

The next big sector of growth in the stock market will be artificial intelligence, or A.I. Computers that can teach themselves, and advance technology faster than ever.

Is it Time to Sell FANG?

The term FANG refers to Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN) , Netflix (NFLX) and Alphabet (GOOGL). These four are up an average of 38% so far in 2017. Let’s see if they are still good buys or if it’s time to sell.

Retailers to Own in an Amazon World

Amazon is disrupting many industries by lowering prices, and improving efficiencies through advancing technology. But these retailers should continue to thrive in an Amazon world.

The New Era of Financial Transactions

Within financial stocks, the growth opportunity isn’t in banks — it’s in the processors. The opportunities are in the US, in China, and even on your cell phone. Let’s take a closer look at the new FinTech.

Too High To Buy

Stocks are having a banner year in 2017. But the recent highs have made some stocks too high. Here are five of my favorite top stocks that are too buy to buy — but are at the top of my radar.

Software is the Future

The stocks that are doing best are the ones in software. This also includes Chinese Internet stocks — which are basically replicas of successful American internet stocks.

Sell These Big Stock Market Winners Now

The stock market has had a nice run since the election, but I believe we are in for a little correction. I feel now is the time to either sell some or sell all of these shares.

Top O’ The Mountain

With stocks ub big since the election, I see a correction on the horizon. Here’s the top ten stocks I would like to buy if the prices were right.