Growth Stock Newsletter

Coronavirus Fears Rock the Market

Coronavirus fears have caused the S&P 500 to drop 14% from its highs. Here’s Sharek’s take on what stocks to buy.

My Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2020

Last year, Sharek’s Top Ten list returned 51% during 2019. What does this list have in store for 2020? Software stocks.

A Decade View of FANG

Let’s take a look back at how well the FANG stocks — including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet — have performed during the past ten-years.

The Rise of Discount Retail Stocks

Mall-based retailers have been getting out of commission, but a slew of discount retailers continue to drive sales & profits higher.

Are These Stocks Too High To Buy?

There’s a handful of stocks that have skied higher, but left us behind watching. Here’s David Sharek’s short list of hot stocks to buy — if the price is right.

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