Growth Stock Newsletter

Six Sexy Speculative Stocks

There are a new set aggressive growth stocks that could be leaders when growth stocks return to favor. Here’s six of my faves.

FANG Stocks Are Back Baby!

6 months ago I said FAAANG stocks had 28% upside. Today, I see 32% upside in these same names. FANG stocks are back baby!

Sharek’s Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2021

Last year’s top ten list jumped an astounding 118%. 2021’s list it’s heavy on tech stocks, with a good amount of e-commerce.

Let’s Focus on Healthcare Stocks

With growth stocks looking too-high to-buy, this month I’ll highlight 6 of my favorite conservative stocks in the Healthcare space.

Blue Chip Stocks are Singing the Blues

Growth stocks have been on a tear higher this year, while value stocks have lagged behind. Is now the time for Blue Chips to shine?

Up and Coming Stocks in the New Economy

Here’s 6 up-and-coming stocks in this new economy, including 1 in what might be the next hot sector: digital healthcare.

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