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The School of Hard Stocks Sharek's Top Cybersecurity Stocks from David Sharek's Growth Stock newsletter July 2021.

Sharek’s Top Cybersecurity Stocks

The cybersecurity is one of the tech industry’s hottest. Let’s take a look at David Sharek’s top picks in the space.

Six NEW Software Stocks

Many of 2020’s hot software stocks are now laggards. I’ve got 6 NEW software stocks that could be new stock market leaders.

Six Sexy Speculative Stocks

There are a new set aggressive growth stocks that could be leaders when growth stocks return to favor. Here’s six of my faves.

FANG Stocks Are Back Baby!

6 months ago I said FAAANG stocks had 28% upside. Today, I see 32% upside in these same names. FANG stocks are back baby!

Sharek’s Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2021

Last year’s top ten list jumped an astounding 118%. 2021’s list it’s heavy on tech stocks, with a good amount of e-commerce.

Let’s Focus on Healthcare Stocks

With growth stocks looking too-high to-buy, this month I’ll highlight 6 of my favorite conservative stocks in the Healthcare space.

Blue Chip Stocks are Singing the Blues

Growth stocks have been on a tear higher this year, while value stocks have lagged behind. Is now the time for Blue Chips to shine?

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