Growth Stock Newsletter

Tech is the Place to Be

The top tech stocks are the best investments in the stock market right now. When Google beat expectations last month it was clear technology was not going get pinched by a weakening economy.

Google Could Miss Estimates Big Time

Google is plowing money into new technologies as core revenue slows, which could mean flat profits year-over-year. I’m not saying this worst-case scenario will happen, just be prepared.

Our Top Stocks

Should we stay or should we go — that’s the question right now. Maybe we should sell our stocks and move to cash. Not take any chances.

Stocks with Safety

Although it’s popular to believe you can’t make money in the stock market during a recession, the truth is there are plenty of areas to invest in that could prove to be very profitable.

China and Solar Stocks Continue to Soar

Last month I bought two stocks in the Growth Portfolio. Both were Chinese companies, one was a solar stock. Overall, I think 2008 will be a mirror image of 2007.

Stock Price Doesn’t Matter

One misconception investors believe is that a lower priced stock is actually more attractive than a higher priced stock. Actually, stock price doesn’t really matter.

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