Six NEW Software Stocks

Software stocks were the KING in 2020. But many of last year’s leaders are now laggards. Stocks like Zoom (ZM) and Datadog (DDOG) zoomed higher a year ago, and are now having trouble hitting new highs.

Maybe it’s time for some fresh blood. Well, I’ve got 6 new software stocks that could be the new leaders in the sector.

But to be fair, a couple of these stocks have already proven themselves. Atlassian (TEAM) is up almost ten-fold since it first opened for trading in 2015. Atlassian makes software that teams of software programmers in different places can collaborate with (kinda like Slack or Microsoft Teams).

Another successful stock few are aware of is Elastic (ESTC), which makes search boxes you see on websites. This software is also used by Uber to “search” for drivers nearby.

Note, I update one-year charts & tables each qtr, thus these stocks have moved a bit since.

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