Top O’ The Mountain

With stocks ub big since the election, I see a correction on the horizon. Here’s the top ten stocks I would like to buy if the prices were right.

2017 Will Be a Banner Year For Growth Stocks

Value stocks have better than growth stocks for three years. I expect the shift of money to come back to growth, with 2017 being a banner year for growth stocks.

My Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2017

My Top Ten for 2017 is heavy on Tech — and Chinese Internet stocks too — including Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Tencent and Weibo.

My Top Ten Conservative Stocks for 2017

The past two years have been dominated by value stocks, as growth was left behind. These 10 growth stocks have some catching up to do.

Buy These Blue Chips on a Dip

Today the best values in the stock market lie in Blue Chip stocks which are undervalued. Here’s what I believe are the best Blue Chips on a dip.

Growth Stocks are Back Baby!

Out of favor for a whole year, growth stocks are now back en vogue. Here’s four of my favorites. Growth stocks are back baby!

The Medical Device Bull Market

Investors are searching for returns, meanwhile Medical Device stocks are in a Bull Market. Here are 10 to consider for your portfolio.

Sell in May? No Way!

Sell in way and go away? No way! Not this year. These ten stocks might have what it takes to beat the summer doldrums.

The Conservative Growth Portfolio

Sharek’s Conservative Portfolio has companies with certainty, consistency, and modest growth opportunity. Some even pay a dividend.