Visa is a Safe Stock in a Bear Market

Visa (V) could prove to be a safe haven for investors looking for a safe stock that has the ability to grow greater than 15% per year.

Visa Has Really Been a Perfect Stock

Since going public back in 2008, VIsa (V) has really been a perfect stock. Profits have grown each year as revenues climbed steadily. But if you’re looking for a discount forget it.

Tax Reform Has Visa’s Profits Flying High

Tax reform took Visa’s (V) profit growth from 17% to 26% last qtr as payment volume growth increased a solid 10%. But has V stock gone too high?

Visa’s Profit Growth is Back to Normal

Visa (V) had a nice run of 20% plus profit growth as it benefited from the Visa Europe acquisition. But now the deal is more than a year old, and growth is back to normal.

Visa Set to Return to More Normalized Growth

Visa (V) has been flying high as it reaps benefits from its purchase of Visa Europe and its deal with Costco. But those happened almost a year ago. Growth could slow.

Visa Was a Better Deal Years Ago

Shares of Visa were a better value years ago when profits were growing faster. But better growth may be on its way.

Headwinds are Muting Growth for Visa

Headwinds such as the strong US dollar, reduced International volume from a strong dollar, China, and low oil prices are muting Visa’s (V) growth today.