Research Reports

AMZN Continues to Build

Amazon.com (AMZN) continues to build new order fulfillment centers across the globe. That’s hurting profits now, but will help profits in the (far) future.

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A Tough Read

Amazon.com (AMZN) popped after beating the street and posting profit growth of -36%. Yes, negative thirty six percent. This stock is a tough read.

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Amazon has a P/E of 108

Amazon (AMZN) just lowered earnings estimates — again. Yet the stock keeps trending higher — again. Investors are really looking towards the future with this stock. Here’s a look at AMZN, a stock on my radar.

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Making New Rules

Amazon (AMZN) isn’t breaking old security analysis rules by pushing higher with its 80-something P/E. The company — and the stock — are making new rules.

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I’m Trying to be Nice

Amazon.com (AMZN) just had profit estimates lowered, now 20% profit growth may not happen again until four quarters from now due to expansion costs. A 48 P/E is high, to be nice. Although I love AMZN’s long-term perspective, I will sell the stock from the Growth Portfolio today. Here’s why:

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AMZN 2021 Q4

Amazon (AMZN) expected to report qtrly profits (EPS):

Estimates: $8.95 vs. $12.37 = -28%

AMZN 2021 Q3

Amazon (AMZN) reports qtrly profits (EPS):

Reported: $15.12 vs. $10.30 = +47%
Estimates: $12.21 vs. $10.30 = +19%
Beat the street by $2.91
Revenue increased 27%

AMZN 2021 Q1

Amazon.com (AMZ) reports qtrly profits (EPS):

Reported; $14.09 vs. $6.47  = +118%
Estimates; $7.09 vs. $6.47 = +3%
Beat the street by $7.00
Revenue grew 44%

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