Growth Portfolio

Buying in Around $100 Off the High

Today, with the stock around $100 off its highs set last month, I will purchase Netflix (NFLX) for the Growth Portfolio and AggressiveGrowth Portfolio. I will sell Weight Watchers (WTW) from the Aggressive Growth Portfolio but will continue to hold WTW in the Growth Portfolio.

Not So Great

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) hasn’t been great in two quarters now — yet the stock is still trending up. There’s two forees fighting here: Higehr food costs (bad) and positive store sales (good).

Today is a Good Day — To Sell

The market cracked, then rallied last week. I will use recenrt strength to sell two stocks from the Growth Portfolio today — Suncor Energy (SU) and Peabody Energy (BTU). Here’s why…

Coffee has Been Rising

Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) raised prices this year and higher profit margins helped propel profits 158% last quarter. It’s time to look ahead to next year, as new licencing deals will push profits over expectations.

Really Cookin

For a 15% grower (estimated Long Term Growth Rate), Herbalife (HLF) is really cookin this year with profit growth of 47% and 44% the last two quarters. Investors now see what a deal HLF used to be.

In a Zone’s (BIDU) profits have doubled in six consecutive quarters and earnings estimates continue to climb higher. There’s not a bit of red on BIDU’s One-Year Chart or Earnings Table. BIDU’s in a zone.

Buying FFIV and Selling CTRP

After the stock market opens today I will sell (CTRP) and purchase F5 Networks (FFIV) in the Growth Portfolio. F5 is one of the leading cloud stocks, and I’m buying it while its down.

The Levee Broke at Apple

Last quarter in my Apple (AAPL) article, I wrote “The pressure is building. The levee has to break”. Well the levee has broke and the stock has hit all-time highs — yet to me the stock is cheaper. Here’s why…

Growth Mode

Body Central (BODY) is in growth mode, and this specialty retailer is a bargain at 20 times earnings. One thing I wasn’t impressed with is quarterly estimates didn’t increase after BODY reported.

We Expected too Much (CTRP), China’s leading travel site, is having having a tough time competing against last year’s high expectations. Travel is coming in below plan, and that’s holding back this stock.

Estimates are Eroding

After researching stocks in the Chinese Hotel market, its clear to me the long term potential is enourmous, but 2011 looks like a wasted year for investment dollars. I’ll sell China Lodging (HTHT) today.

Still slammin it

I don’t know why people be hatin on Priceline (PCLN) stock. Priceline’s still slammin it. A fall from $560 to $485 is only 13%. No biggie. We so serious?