Adobe’s Numbers Look Sensational

Adobe Systems (ADBE) has been on fire the past five years — going from $50 to $250 — and even now the numbers still look sensational.

Is Adobe’s Run Close to Being Done?

Adobe Systems (ADBE) just went up five-fold in five years. So I’m questioning whether the run is close to being done. Let’s take a look.

Adobe Systems Profits Soared 44% in 2017

Adobe Systems (ADBE) closed out fiscal 2017 with a bang, as profits jumped 44% for the year. The stock soared 70% last year. Here’s my take on ADBE stock headed into 2018.

Adobe’s Numbers Look Amazing

Adobe System’s (ADBE) numbers look amazing. But I’m a bit cautious on the stock after its recent runup. Adobe’s P/E had gone from 35 to 42 since last qtr.