Stryker Falls on Boston Scientific News

Last week, shares of Stryker (SYK) declined on news it was attempting to acquire Boston Scientific (BSX) — which would be a good move.

Stryker’s Profit Growth Has Simmered Down

Stryker (SYK) has been on a nice run the past 5 years. But profit growth is expected to slow to 10% in 2018, and SYK will likely need acquisitions and stock buybacks to enhance results.

Stryker Growing Strong With Acquisitions

Stryker (SYK), known for its replacement hips and hospital beds, is having a surge in growth due to acquisitions it made last year, which boosted sales an extra 12% last qtr.

Prepare For Slower Profit Growth From Stryker

Stryker (SYK) has shot higher the past 12-months it delivered strong double-digit profit growth. Now growth is expected to be in the single-digits the next 4 qtrs.

Stryker Continues to Thrive With Acquisitions

Shares of medical device company Stryker (SYK) have been hot the last year as acquisitions have plumped up profits an average of 13% the past four qtrs.

Stryker is Back to Double Digit Profit Growth

Stryker (SYK) is back to double-digit profit growth due to the help of acquisitions. Profits have grown at least 11% the last 3 qtrs, and that looks to continue.

Can Stryker Keep Up its Double Digit Growth Rate?

For the past nine years Stryker (SYK) has grown profits in the double digits one year, only to have single digit growth the next. With profits set to grow 13% this year, can SYK keep growing?