MasterCard is an Underappreciated Investment

MasterCard (MA) has many great qualities, including a stock that’s grown faster than 20% a year during the past decade. It’s an underappreciated investment.

MasterCard is Experiencing Rapid Profit Growth

MasterCard (MA) was still able to grow profits a staggering 51% last qtr with help of acquisitions, lower taxes and stock buybacks. Here’s where I see MA going next.

MasterCard’s Growth Has Become Masterful

MasterCard’s (MA) growth has just become masterful as a strong economy, low dollar, and tax law changes have boosted profit growth to 40%.

MasterCard’s Profit Growth is Accelerating

MasterCard (MA) has been fabulous in the last year as the stock’s gone from $110 to $150. And now profit growth just accelerated from 17% to 24% — with 30% growth expected next qtr.

MasterCard At All-Time Highs on Intl Growth

MasterCard (MA) stock is at All-Time highs as International growth helped to push profits up 15% last qtr. But with a P/E of 30, this stock has a high price.