Research Reports

Growth is Slipping

Shares of MasterCard (MA) have risen 50% during the last year, and MA fairly valued with profit growth slipping its time to take a breather.

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Big News

MasterCard (MA) is splitting 10-for-1 and buying back $3.5 billion in stock. Still, my view on MA stock isn’t as rosey you may think

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Maximum Overdrive

MasterCard (MA) is on a roll with solid momentum that’s tough to slow. The stock is in maximum overdrive, even though its more expensive than its been in years.

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Expect Market Returns

MasterCard (MA) is going to have slower growth through 2013. With the stock up from $400 to $550 within a year, I expect MA to track the market.

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Doing it Well

Mastercard’s (MA) got a great business. It can grow profits 20% with just 10% sales growth. That deserves a P/E of 25.

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Turning My Nose Up

I’m turning my nose up to Mastercard (MA) and will sell it from the Aggressive Growth Portfolio because I don’t like it as I used to.

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A Market Leader

MasterCard (MA) is proving to be a Steady Eddie in the current stock market correction. MA’s certainty, consistency and growth opportunity make it a top four stock.

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By the Hundreds

MasterCard (MA) is touching $400. Although the company just went from rapid-profit-growth to moderate-profit-growth, $500 and $600 look to be on the horizon.

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Nostradamus Nails It

One year ago I pegged Mastercard’s (MA) 2011-2012 Fair Value at $329-393 (midpoint $361). This quarter the stock is $361 and I see MA’s future as…

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MasterCard (MA) has been climbing this year even though stocks — and Financials in particular — have had a tough go of things in 2011. This stick is very timely now, but the move higher has taken away some upside.

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Serious Growth Ahead

Mastercard (MA) has some serious growth ahead, as this financial is expected to pump out 30% profit growth the next two quarters. With a P/E of only 16, MA has solid upside.

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Good Growth Coming

MasterCard (MA) looks like one of the best Financial stocks to own in 2011 as the low P/E of 14 and good profit growth ahead give this stock solid upside in both 2011 and 2012 — you just have to deal with the politics.

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MA ten-year chart

The Claim of 20 Percent Growth

Mastercard (MA) expectes profit growth of more than 20% for the next three years. With a P/E of 16, this stock is undervalued and has good upside potential. Here’s when I expect MA to eclipse its all-time high.

Left: MA’s ten-year chart shows the company has growth profits consistently even through tough economic times.

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MA 2023 Q4

MasterCard (MA) is expected to report qtrly profits (EPS) and revenues:

Profits Estimates: $3.22 vs. $2.68 = +20%
Revenue Est: +14%

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