Stock Research

Grubhub Keeps Spending to Grow

Grubhub (GRUB) is growing like mad and entering new markets with a big delivery and ad budget, which is hurting profits.

M&T Bank is Putting Up Some Amazing Numbers

M&T Bank (MTB) is putting out some amazing results. Profits are growing good while MTB is beating the street & upping estimates. All for a P/E of 12.

JP Morgan Stock is in the Bargain Basement

Shares of JP Morgan (JPM) sell for a bargain-basement 10x earnings. The stock seems to have good upside here, but it’s still in a downtrend.

Now New Oriental Education is Upping Estimates

New Oriental Education (EDU) is China’s largest education provider. But management is jerking profit estimates around and I don’t like the uncertainty.

UnitedHealth is the Rare Quadruple-Play

UnitedHealth (UNH) is a rare quadruple-play as its a safe stock with double-digit profit growth, a dividend, and a stock buyback plan.