Twitter is Now an Elite Stock

Twitter (TWTR) has now joined the ranks of the Elite Stocks. So expect this stock to be accumulated by institutions.

Everybody is on the Twitter Bandwagon Now

For the first three qtrs of 2017 Twitter (TWTR) posted negative profit growth. Then last qtr profits rose 19%, and everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Except me.

Spooked Investors

Twitter’s (TWTR) negative conference call has spooked investors, and I will sell TWTR from the Growth Portfolio and Aggressive Growth Portfolio today.

Not Too Bad

Twitter (TWTR) dropped after it reported earnings, but the lowered estimates aren’t too bad.

Collecting a Franchise Name

Today I will collect a franchise name for the Growth Portfolio that I feel could be on the verge of a run higher.

Good, Bad and Ugly

My first look at Twitter (TWTR) is a combination of good (sales), bad (profits) and ugly (stock chart).