Tesla Isn’t Looking Good Right Now

Tesla (TSLA) stock isn’t looking really good right now, and has been tending down for a year. TSLA has support around $250, I hope it holds.

Something’s Wrong with Tesla Stock

Tesla (TSLA) has the greatest cars. I’m a fan of them — and the stock too. But something is wrong with TSLA. It looks to be sliding down a mountain.

Tesla Misses Model 3 Sales Estimates

Yesterday Tesla (TSLA) announced it missed Model 3 sales estimates, and then lowered future sales targets for the 2nd time in two qtrs. With the stock having lost momentum, I’m reducing my position.

Tesla Up As China Set to Ban Gasoline Cars

Tesla (TSLA) jumped 6% today on news China will set a timeline to eliminate gasoline powered vehicles. With the stock close to breaking out, let’s take a look.

Tesla Gearing Up to Produce the Model 3

Tesla (TSLA) is preparing to start production of its Model 3 in three months, with deliveries anticipated by the end of 2017. Meanwhile, TSLA stock is rangebound.