ServiceNow Breaks Out to a New High

ServiceNow (NOW) is breaking out to a new high today. NOW has grown profits at a triple-digit rate in each of the last two qtrs.

ServiceNow Stock Needs to Simmer Down Some

ServiceNow (NOW) is clicking on all cylinders as sales, profits and subscription revenue grew more than 40% last qtr. But after a quick run higher, I feel NOW needs to simmer down.

Servicenow Break Out to an All-Time High

Software company Servicenow (NOW) broke out to an All-Time high last week. NOW has an exceptional Estimated Long-Term Growth Rate of 52% a year, but a high P/E to go along with it.

ServiceNow is Like a Younger Salesforce.com

ServiceNow (NOW) is one of the world’s fastest growing software companies. It reminds me a lot of Salesforce.com. But NOW has a P/E of 94, which makes it high to buy.