Commercial Cloud & LinkedIn Boosting Microsoft

Last qtr, Microsoft (MSFT) had 56% sales growth in its commercial cloud division. Wow. No wonder the stock is up 50% in a year. LinkedIn has also played a part in sales/profit growth.

Perhaps It’s Time Microsoft Stock Simmered Down

Microsoft’s (MSFT) up around 25% during the last year — as profits rose 19% on a 5% gain in sales. But with a P/E if 22 and profits set to decline, MSFT could take a breather.

Modern Microsoft Continues to Climb Higher

A more modern Microsoft (MSFT) is getting the attention of investors as the company is riding the success of cloud computing, Office products and video games.

Chapter V: Sell When Profits Slow or Fall

With the help of Chapter V, you will understand the specifics of some specific selling tactics, such as selling a stock when profit growth slows or when profits fall. Featured stock is Microsoft (MSFT).

Microsoft Pooped Out a Poor Quarter

Just as I thought Microsoft (MSFT) was gonna grow again, the company pooped out a poor qtr and it’s back to the drawing board.

Microsoft’s Secret Transition

Microsoft (MSFT) is transitioning itself from software to the cloud, but doesn’t disclose pertinent figures.

I Just Don’t See It

Microsoft (MSFT) is at its highs, and I don’t see why. This just isn’t a good buy.

The Move is Over

Late last year/early this year, Microsoft (MSFT) was $27 and worth $31. Now the stock’s $32. The run is done. The move is over.

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