Google Planning to Re-enter China

Google (GOOGL) is planning to re–enter China with a search engine — and cloud computing — that will comply with Chinese authorities.

Facebook’s Pain is Google’s Gain

Facebook’s under pressure for selling user data, and companies are reacting by pulling ads from that site, which is good news for Google (GOOGL).

Google is Experiencing Accelerated Growth

Alphabet (GOOGL) has revenue growth accelerate to 24% last qtr — the best qtr in years. Now I feel this stock’s P/E could rise to 30, which could mean a $1500 stock sometime in 2019.

Alphabet’s Profit Estimates Lowered — Again

For the second time in the past year Alphabet’s (GOOGL) profit estimates got slashed. GOOGL was expected to make $40 in profits this year, now it’s looking like $30.