Cleaning Supplies Are Selling Well at Ecolab

Chemical company Ecolab (ECL) has been a consistent double-digit grower, while raising its dividend each year since 1991. With the economy doing well, so is ECL.

Ecolab’s Profit Growth Is Picking Up

Chemical cleaner company Ecolab (ECL) has a couple slow years as oil prices hurt demand. Now oil is higher, and ECL profits are growing faster.

Ecolab to Have Ecolab-like Results in 2018

Chemical company Ecolab (ECL) hasn’t been itself due to a slowdown in the Energy sector and F/X costs. Investors should expect more Ecolab-like results in 2018.

Ecolab’s Profits Expected to Accelerate

Ecolab (ECL) expects growth to accelerate during the 2nd half of the year, and with reduced F/X that should help profits grow at double-digit rates.