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David Sharek is stock portfolio manager and CEO of DavidSharek.com. David believes a company's profits ultimately drive the price of its stock. His book The School of Hard Stocks can be found on Amazon.com.

Tesla Stock Isn’t Acting Well in a Bull Market

Something is off with Tesla (TSLA). Why is the stock around its 52-week lows when the stock market is at an All-Time high?

Bright Horizons’ Valuation has Gotten Extreme

Daycare operator Bright Horizons (BFAM) is growing profits 18% a qtr and has a 38 P/E. I feel this $120 stock is worth less than $100.

Forget $2000, Amazon Has its Sights Set on $3000

Don't be impressed with Amazon (AMZN) hitting $2000. Profits are flowing in so rapidly that the stock could be $3000 shortly.

Buying Frank’s Red Hot Was a Great Move for McCormick

McCormick (MKC) has a new-toy to play with, as its purchase of Frank's Red Hot gives the company room to expand the brand.

Starbucks Management has its Head-in-the-Ground

Starbucks (SBUX) stock hasn't moved in three years, but help has arrived as I'm going to explain how to get the stock moving again.

Pepsico’s Purchase of Sodastream Was Brilliant

Pepsico (PEP) just purchased Sodastream (SODA), and this acquisition gives PEP stock a fresh jolt of growth opportunity.  

Microsoft’s Growing Faster than Analysts Expect

Microsoft's (MSFT)continues to grow faster than analysts expect, so my "analysis" has to include how much the company might make.

Assets Continue to Flow into S&P Index ETFs

The S&P 500 is up 9% year-to-date as investors continue to pour money into S&P ETFs, which is good for S&P Global (SPGI).

Altria is Looking Good With a Yield of 5.5% and a P/E of 15

Shares of Altria (MO) are looking good. Management just upped the dividend, and now the yield is 5.5%. The P/E of 15 is also good.

ServiceNow Breaks Out to a New High

ServiceNow (NOW) is breaking out to a new high today. NOW has grown profits at a triple-digit rate in each of the last two qtrs.

Public Storage Stock Could Be Dead Money

Dead money is a term used in financial analysis for a stock that's stuck in neutral. That could be Public Storage (PSA) right now.

SS&C Technologies Gets a BIG Boost Via Acquisitions

SS&C Technologies (SSNC), provider of Advent Software, grew profits a sparkling 35% last qtr as new acquisitions were half of company sales.