Weibo Stock Looks to Have Bottomed

Weibo (WB) seems to have bottomed, and with a P/E of just 18 the stock has huge upside. But 2019 estimates just dropped big time, and growth looks to slow in 2019.

Weibo’s Numbers Continue to Shine

Weibo’s (WB) stock has been cut in half — from a high of $142 to $71 — but still the numbers WB puts out continue to shine.

Weibo Continues to Deliver Rapid Growth

WIth tthe Chinese Yuan on a rapid decline, Chinese stocks have had profit estimates cut. Not Weibo’s (WB) which continues to grow rapidly.

Weibo Has the Best Fundamentals

Weibo (WB) is a Twitter-like social platform in China that has the best fundamentals of any stock I follow. Videos and live-streaming are propelling WB’s stellar rise.

Weibo Still Looks Amazing to Me

Weibo’s (WB) up from $21 to $98 since I added it to the Growth Portfolio, and even after that run the stock still looks amazing to me. Here’s my full take.

Weibo Continues to Deliver Stellar Results

Weibo (WB), the Twitter of China, continues to deliver impressive results. But after doubling in 2016, does the stock have anything left for us in 2017?

Weibo On a Parabolic Run as Profits Multiply

Weibo (WB) — which is often referred to as the Twitter of China — is on a parabolic run as profits have been compounding quarter after quarter.

Weibo Breaks Out and Runs Higher

Shares of Weibo (WB) have shot up from $21 to $29 since last qtr. Here’s my take on the Twitter of China and my long-term outlook.