Facebook’s Estimates Look Horrible

Facebook (FB) has been under pressure for security issues. Now FB’s stepping back to address this. But that’s pushing down estimates.

Facebook’s Numbers Look Terrible

Facebook (FB) slashed profit estimates, sighting higher expenditures on safety and security. So is FB a buy at these levels?

Sharek’s Hot Take on the Facebook Scandal

If you wanted Facebook (FB) stock, you would have already owned it. Also, annual profit growth is expected to slow from 46% last year to 18% this year. Here’s my take on FB stock.

Facebook Claims Expenses Will Eat Into Profits

Facebook (FB) reported profits that blew past estimates, then claimed expenses would be high in 2018 and eart into profits. But they always say this, then beat the street.

Facebook Cleared a High Hurdle this Year

Facebook (FB) lowered profit estimates last qtr as it switched to GAAP accounting. But still the company was able to deliver 36% profit growth last qtr. Impressive.

Facebook is Looking Fabulous

Facebook (FB) is looking fabulous, and the stock continues to be my top selection for 2016.

Could Faster Growth Return?

Facebook’s (FB) could have 30% profit growth returning in 2016, which could push the stock well past $100.

Wasting an Opportunity

Facebook (FB) is wasting an opportunity to push profits higher because it is spending to stay #1.

Soaring Expenses

Facebook’s (FB) expenses soared last qtr — as expected — and FB may not go anywhere in 2015.

Lowering the Bar

Facebook’s (FB) higher spending and slower sales growth = slower profit growth in 2015.

The Best Business in the World

If you’re advertising — or investing — Facebook (FB) is the best business in the world to put your money in.

Blew Past Sixty

Last qtr with Facebook (FB) at $47 I said it would see $67 by 2014. Today its $67 and here’s my current call.

That’s Not So Bad

Shares of Facebook (FB) lost their mojo after saying teens aren’t on so much. But FB’s numbers have never looked better.

All the Momentum

Shares of Facebook (FB) have gone from having no momentum to all the momentum during the last month. My analysis shows $60 is in FB’s future.

A Game Changer

Facebook (FB) turned in a game changing quarter last night, and the shares have jumped from $27 to $34 after hours. Now the run has begun.

No Momentum

Shares of Facebook (FB) have no momentum. With the stock around $24 nothing is going on. If you like the stock go ahead and buy it around this price and wait.

Let’s Look at Facebook

Let’s take a look at shares of Facebook (FB), figure out what the stock’s really worth, and see if its a good buy or not.

The Skinny on Facebook

Facebook (FB) popped on 9% profit growth last quarter (meh). Growth is now set to accelerate to 40%. I think FB is worth 30x earnings, or $19 a share.

My Shocking Stance on Facebook

I just researched Facebook (FB). Now I know why the stock has been free-falling. This thing looks terrible.

A Look at Facebook’s Numbers

Facebook (FB) doesn’t yet have enough data to get a Fair Value. Right now the stock has a P/E of 63 and profits are expected to grow 18% this year.

Facebook Could Be Worth $10

Facebook (FB) has three big clouds hanging over it. Could Facebook’s be maturing? If so the stock could be worth $10. Yes, ten dollars a share. Here’s my take…

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