Sharek’s Top Ten Growth Stocks for 2021

My Top Ten Stocks for 2021 list is out! And it’s heavy on tech stocks, with a good amount of e-commerce stocks mixed in.

Last year’s top ten list jumped an astounding 118% and helped boost my Top Ten average return to 29% per year during the last 11 years. Sweet!

But there’s a catch. My Top Ten list comes during January, thus I’m well into the year when I pick the stocks. But if you want legit returns, check out my Growth Portfolio track record on the back side.

In this newsletter, I have included the 2020 year-end prices for each stock with 2020 profit estimates (note the year-end profits probably haven’t been reported), my Fair Value prices for 2021 & 2022, and our proprietary ten-year charts.

Note, stocks without profits might not have Fair Values. This year’s list looks like another good one. Enjoy!

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