Blue Chip Stocks are Singing the Blues

Growth stocks have been on a tear higher this year, while value stocks have lagged behind. Is now the time to take some money and put it into Blue Chip stocks?

My Growth Portfolio has given our investors a 71% return year-to-date through August. That’s a big gain, and I’m on pace for a career year. But that also means I should probably do something to protect these gains. If I return 40% or better this year, it would be the 5th 40% or better year in my 18 year career.

My Conservative Growth Portfolio is only up 11% this year. Perhaps we can fine some values in conservative growth names, which I consider to be value stocks.

So this month we look at some Blue Chips such as PepsiCo (PEP), Starbucks (SBUX), JP Morgan (JPM), MasterCard (MA), McDonald’s (MCD), and Costco (COST).

Let’s see if these value stocks are really values after all.

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