These High-Flying Stocks May Be Too-High-To-Buy

Ah yeah! Stocks are rolling once again, and everyone thinks making money in the stock market is easy.

And that’s what concerns me. Once “all the money” is invested into the stock market, there’s no new money to push the market higher. Thus, a stock market correction could be forthcoming.

And what might get hit the hardest are these high flying stocks that have parabolic chart patterns.

Parabolic charts are when a stock was rising at one rate, then escalates the rate of climb. Imagine an airplane rising into the sky, then shooting straight up like a Rocketship.

Parabolic moves often signal the end of the run. These chart patters are dangerous, as the fall from the sky could lead to large losses for novice investors.

These six high-flying stocks may be too-high to buy (well, five of them anyway).