Sharek’s Top Work-At-Home Tech Stocks

Companies that help employees to work-from-home are basking in the extra business the COVID-19 shutdown has delivered.

And what’s nice is this big boost might propel some stocks past their tipping points. Take Zoom (ZM) for instance. I imagine the video-conferencing software it provides is here to stay.

In addition, Microsoft (MSFT) just said it got two years worth of digital transformation in two months. That’s big.

Atlassian (TEAM) is used for teams working from home to collaborate on projects.

Facebook (FB) is also doing well as people stay-at-home and check social media. Small businesses can also do well advertising there and on Instagram.

HubSpot (HUBS) has software for small businesses to advertise and provide customer service over the internet. Bigger companies are using ServiceNow (NOW). Let’s take a look.