Buy The Retailers Before They’re All Open

As communities across America begin to re-open non-essential businesses, this is the time to buy the retail stocks.

Retail stocks were some of the hardest hit during this crisis. At one point investors just flushed all the stocks lower and didn’t even caring about prices. This was because many investors invest in ETFs, which own a basket of stocks. So if you sold the Retail ETF you sold all the stocks that were in there.

This indiscriminate selling was good because it gave me a lot of deals to choose from.

It also allowed me to analyze which stocks would likely be leaders long-term in this stay-at-home economy.  

The biggest question is: Which of the big boys look the best? Is it Walmart (WMT) or Costco (COST)? Or maybe Target (TGT) with its new grocery section. The answer isn’t any of these three, as you will soon see.