Stocks With Certainty in a Coronavirus World

Coronavirus fears have taken the stock market and investors are looking for answers. What should you do?

First, understand some companies aren’t doing much business right now. And since we don’t know the extent of how long the Coronavirus will be keeping businesses closed, I wouldn’t look to buy here.

This is a market where certainty means a lot. You have to know what you own, and own stocks that you can depend on.

Smart guys who think they are getting a deal might not be. Don’t make a big mistake that you can’t recover from. You need your confidence — and your money — for when the stock market rallies.

I think it’s smarter to be in safer stocks like those that do business in the healthcare field. Hospitals need products.

Retail stores that are open right now are also a safe bet, as are restaurants that are delivering.

Here are six Stocks With Certainty in a Coronavirus world.