Coronavirus Fears Rock the Market

Coronaviris fears have taken the stock market (S&P 500) down 14% from its highs. With the market spiraling lower, now is the time to know what you own.
If you’re a stock investor, its scary now, but the stock market is often looking 6-months in advance. That’s August. By that time it’ll be Summer, and harder to catch a flu. A vaccine could be approved by then.

Travel stocks are out of favor now, but by next year the sales and profits will likely look good due to easy comparisons to the year-ago period (now). So if you’re wanting to sell, you might have to buy back at a higher price when you buy back later.

If you invested in my Growth Portfolio, you’re still up for the year. We were up ~10% at the market’s highs during the month, and have given back almost all the gains. I’m pleased.

Moving forward, there are a set of stocks that should provide growth opportunity with Coronavirus fears swirling.