A Decade View of FANG

The acronym FANG stands for Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN) Netflix (NFLX) and Google, which has been re-named Alphabet (GOOGL). The group was originally coined by Jim Cramer in 2013.

Subsequently, the stock Apple (AAPL) was added to make the group FAANG.

In this newsletter I’ve included Alibaba (BABA) as well, as BABA certainly belongs in this list.

Before we get started, I believe profit growth leads to stock growth, with long-term stock and profit growth rates often being similar. So, companies growing profits 20%, or with Estimated Long-Term Growth Rates of 20% per year, might have stocks that compound at say 20% too,

In this newsletter I used ten-year charts of each stock, with Annual Profits on the right column, and annual profit growth rates below each chart. As a bonus I included my Fair Values, which is what I believe each stock will be worth in 2020 and 2021.