Sharek’s Favorite Conservative Tech Stocks

During the last few months, value stocks have performed better than growth stocks. And since growth had outperformed value since mid-2016, value stocks could outperform for a while.

My flagship Growth Portfolio was flying high earlier in the year with a 29% year-to-date return through April. But by the end of September that gain got whittled down to just 15% as growth stocks fell out of favor.

On the other hand, by Conservative Growth Portfolio — which is made up of value stocks — is up 21% for the year (through Sept).

But before we go looking for high-dividend paying Blue Chip stocks, something else is going on: the NASDAQ 100, which is comprised of the 100 largest companies in the NASDAQ, is hitting a new All-Time high today.

Thus, both value stocks and tech stocks are hot now. So are there tech stocks that are also value stocks? Yes. Here are some of the top tech stocks in my Conservative Growth Portfolio.