Are These Stocks Bound For A Rebound?

Lots of stocks are already back to new All-Time highs after the mini-Bear Market we had during 2018 Q4. But instead of focusing on the early winners, I want to take a look at the stocks that are still waiting for a rebound.

Align Technologies (ALGN), Grubhub (GRUB), NVIDIA (NVDA), Constellation Brands (STZ) and Twitter (TWTR) are still down-and-out. These are also some — if not all — of my worst stocks. So do we continue to hold and wait for a rebound?

The problem with waiting for a rebound is it takes precious resources — the money in your account. With many other stocks going higher its opportunity loss to be sitting in dogs. Especially if they don’t bounce back.

But if a down-and-out stock gets some good news, the stock could rise 50% or more in a matter of months.
So let’s take a closer look at these six stocks and try to gauge which are bound for a rebound.