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Adding Weight

Today I will add Weight Watchers (WTW) to the Growth Portfolio. Also, WTW will replace Ctrip.com (CTRP) in the Aggressive Growth Portfolio.


Google (GOOG) is looking respectable here. A case could be made to buy the stock now, as the numbers look, well, respectable.

Things Have Turned Up

Lots of things have turned up for Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) in 2011 — most notably the stock price. Hysterectomy proceedures are providing growth opportunity for the da Vinci.

Sweet 16

Apple’s (AAPL) sweet 16. Not the stock price, the P/E. Apple’s business is actually accelerating — with estimates jumping higher. This is one of the top investments of our time.

Exxon’s a Good Stock

Exxon (XOM)’s a good stock to own. The only problem I have with buying XOM here is the stock’s been on a run already.

We Need More Oil

We need more oil — in our portfolios. Although Egypt and Exxon are getting headlines in regards to oil, economies are needing more oil anyway. Suncor (SU) will be purchased for the Grwoth Portfolio today and should help quench our thirst.

Be Patient

China Lodging (HTHT) has great growth opportunity ahead — ahead of 2011 that is. Although revenue’s should climb solidly this year, profit growth might be flat in fiscal year 2011.

2011 is the Year to Buy this Stock

Home Inne & Hotels (HMIN) is the cheapest its been in a long time. This stock is at the top of my radar, but might not make a move until later in the year.

The Best Stocks We Missed in 2010

Here’s three of the Best Stocks of 2010. The charts below are as-of the end of the callendar year.

To keep things simple and consistent, let’s assume Fair Value on of these companies are worth 40 times earnings. Let’s see if we should buy now…

What to do with Lululemon

Ok, I dropped the ball not getting Lululemon (LULU) last year (or the year before). Now, every time I evaluate the stock, it doesn’t seem like a great value

IT Outsourcing Will Be Hot in 2011

Today I will purchase Camelot Information Systems (CIS) in the Growth Portfolio. I will replace Cognizant Technology Solutions with CIS in the Aggressive Growth Portfolio as CIS is a younger faster-growing IT outsourcer. With companies looking to grow in 2011, IT outsourcing should have its best year ever.

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