Growth Portfolio

Credit Card Company Visa is Back on Track

After a brief decline during the 2018 Q4 Bear Market, Visa (V) is back on track as the stock has rallied to All-Time highs this year.

Lower Mortgage Rates Could Boost Home Depot

Home Depot (HD) is expected to have just 2% profit growth in 20019, but lower interest rates could help push profit growth into the double-digits.

MasterCard is an Underappreciated Investment

MasterCard (MA) has many great qualities, including a stock that’s grown faster than 20% a year during the past decade. It’s an underappreciated investment.

Illumina Has Lost its Positive Momentum

Illumina (ILMN), the maker of gene sequencing systems, had a banner 2018 after it introduced its Novaseq system. Now in 2019, comparisons will be tougher.