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Johnson & Johnson Lowers 2019 Expectations

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) lowered 2019 profit estimates after it reported earnings. But estimates of 5% growth at J&J are par for the course for this 6-7% grower.

M&T Bank is Putting Up Some Amazing Numbers

M&T Bank (MTB) is putting out some amazing results. Profits are growing good while MTB is beating the street & upping estimates. All for a P/E of 12.

JP Morgan Stock is in the Bargain Basement

Shares of JP Morgan (JPM) sell for a bargain-basement 10x earnings. The stock seems to have good upside here, but it’s still in a downtrend.

UnitedHealth is the Rare Quadruple-Play

UnitedHealth (UNH) is a rare quadruple-play as its a safe stock with double-digit profit growth, a dividend, and a stock buyback plan.

Fastenal Provides the Nuts-And-Bolts to Builders

Fastenal (FAST) provides industrial supplies — including tools, nuts and bolts — across America with company branded retail stores, onsite locations, and vending machines.

Cintas Has the Uniform Program Down Pat

Cintas (CTAS) has this amazing uniform program where they pay for company uniforms, and the employees get a week’s worth while another set is being cleaned.

We’re Not Taking Ross Stores Seriously Enough

Investors aren’t taking Ross Stores (ROST) seriously enough. The discount retailer has consistently outperformed the S&P 500, yet doesn’t get the attention it deserves.