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Pepsico Moves Towards Non Carbonated Beverages

Pepsico (PEP) is down a bit due to the consumers’ shift away from carbonated beverages. But snack sales are strong, and Pepsico has more non-carb beverages to offer.

Fantastic Stock Market is Good for Factset

Factset (FDS) provides tools and data for money managers and analysts to do their work. And with the stock market up big in 2017, the outlook for FDS is good.

Costco is Fine, But It’s Multiple is Down

There’s a lot of hoopla over Amazon taking business from Costco (COST, but the latter still grew profits 18% last qtr — Nice! What has been hurt is COST’s multiple.

Lots of Good Things Going on at TD Bank

TD Bank (TD) has lots of good things going for it right now, including strength in both its Canadian and U.S. banks and an influx of fresh blood from Scottrade.

Ross Stores Continues to Pump Out the Goods

Last qtr Ross Stores (ROST) was down-and-out with the Retail sector. This qtr ROST is up in a big way. And really, nothing’s changed. Ross continues to pump out the goods.

Hormel Shows No Signs of a Turnaround

Hormel (HRL) is going through weakness as is Jennie-O Turkey division is hurting. This stock is down and out, with the profit picture continuing to erode.

Disney Looks to Infinity and Beyond

Disney (DIS) is expected to have 2017 profits roughly in line with 2016’s as the company plans for the future with its app and Star Wars lands, which are both due in 2019.

Ball Set to Grow Profits +20% in 3-of-4 Qtrs

Packaging company Ball (BLL), the largest manufacturer of beverage cans in the world, is expected to grow profits +20% in three of the next four qtrs as it integrates Rexam.

Expect TJX’s Profit Growth To Pick Up Next Qtr

It looks to me like TJX Companies (TJX) has turned up on the one-year chart, and with profit growth expected to average 15% the next 4 qts TJX could continue higher.

Ecolab’s Profits Expected to Accelerate

Ecolab (ECL) expects growth to accelerate during the 2nd half of the year, and with reduced F/X that should help profits grow at double-digit rates.