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Costco Hasn’t Missed a Beat

When news hit that Amazon was trying to buy Whole Foods, investors sold off grocery stores, including Costco (COST). But since then, Costco hasn’t missed a beat.

Facebook’s Pain is Google’s Gain

Facebook’s under pressure for selling user data, and companies are reacting by pulling ads from that site, which is good news for Google (GOOGL).

Sherwin-Williams Still Looks Amazing

Sherwin-Williams (SHW) just went on a run from $100 to $400 over a span of six years. Even after that amazing run, the stock still looks amazing.

Tax Reform Has Visa’s Profits Flying High

Tax reform took Visa’s (V) profit growth from 17% to 26% last qtr as payment volume growth increased a solid 10%. But has V stock gone too high?

Experience the Future at McDonald’s Today

McDonald’s (MCD) is making things happen in the restaurant world, with a fresh look, ordering kiosks and UberEats delivery. And now the stock is on a dip. Time to buy?

Commercial Cloud & LinkedIn Boosting Microsoft

Last qtr, Microsoft (MSFT) had 56% sales growth in its commercial cloud division. Wow. No wonder the stock is up 50% in a year. LinkedIn has also played a part in sales/profit growth.