Portfolio Management

David Sharek manages stock portfolios for corporations and individual investors, including IRAs.

Sharek’s 2013 Review

2013 was a stellar year for clients. with greater than 40% returns.

Sharek’s 2012 Review

For the second year in a row, 2012 started strong, ended weak, and left us with portfolios up-slightly which held stocks with significant upside to Fair Value.

Issue With NFL & Refs is Portfolio Management

The issue with the NFL and the locked out referees isn’t all about money — it’s about portfolio management. Neither side wants this risk.

Sharek’s 2012 Q2 Review

The second quarter saw us give back half the gains we made in the first quarter. Still, we are up 15% to 17% year-to-date, around double the market’s gain of 8%.

Sharek’s 2012 Q1 Review

The Big Three — Apple (AAPL), Priceline.com (PCLN) and Baidu.com (BIDU) — pushed the Growth Portfolio up 31% in Q1.

The Hidden Costs of Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investors are paying behind the scenes more than they might think. American funds charge 1.53% plus broker commisions of 1%, annually. British funds charge even more.

Sharek’s 2011 Review

2011 started strong, ended weak, and left us with portfolios up-slightly on the year holding stocks that should perk up in 2012.

Sharek’s Take — 2011 Q3

Stocks are ready to go higher. We just have to get past the European financial crisis and we’ll be ready to roll. Stocks go into the 4th cheap, oversold, and ready to rally. 2013 will be the year P/Es expand.