The Future is Software

Software is the new plastic, with revenue streams on a subscription basis which often insure revenue rolls in.

Don’t Follow the Herd

The Herd has fled for safety, and there lies opportunity. In time, The Herd will look to growth stocks like Facebook & Tesla.

My Top Ten Stocks for 2016

Here are my Top Ten Stocks for 2016, which is heavy on Healthcare (Celgene), Retail (Restoration Hardware) and Technology (Facebook).

Great Growth Has Its Price

We are in a different age where the best stocks are often overvalued. Either buy high or risk being left behind.

A Longer Horizon

To achieve smoother, more steady returns, we need to own more stocks, be patient, and have a longer time horizon.

Buy the Biotechs

Biotech stocks are down — but not out. I think investors should be buying Biotech stocks now.

Stock Market Gameplan

This stock market correction has shaken things up. It’s a new market we are in now, and here’s my gameplan.

Stocks to Watch

Here’s my ranking of the top stocks to keep an eye on heading into the 2nd half of 2015.

Changes at the Top

I shook up my top five holdings recently, here are the changes that were made.

Sky’s The Limit

With many stocks sky high, this market correction could be the beginning of their descent.