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Internet Stocks: Still Leaders in the Stock Market


newsletter_2016_11I was about to publish this newsletter two weeks ago, when the Internet stocks were the only good stocks in the stock market. Then Donald Trump got elected President and money flowed out of tech and into banks as rate increases are now expected.

But still, the best growth is in technology sector, which is expected to post 11% profit growth in Q3. Although Financials could grow next year, banks have jumped 15% since Trump got elected and might have priced in the good news already.

Looking at other sectors: Retail is slow. Bonds, Gold & Utilities are tanking with rates expected to rise. Energy isn’t good with these low oil prices. Healthcare is under pressure due to price competition. So although tech is down, its still the best game in town.

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David Sharek David Sharek is stock portfolio manager and CEO of DavidSharek.com. David believes a company's profits ultimately drive the price of its stock. His book The School of Hard Stocks can be found on Amazon.com.