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David Sharek is stock portfolio manager and CEO of DavidSharek.com. David believes a company's profits ultimately drive the price of its stock. His book The School of Hard Stocks can be found on Amazon.com.

Apple is My Favorite Stock Right Now

Apple (AAPL) is my favorite stock right now, and holds the top spot in all my Power Rankings. Here's what I think the stock is worth.

3M Comes Back to Earth

3M (MMM) stock has had an amazing decade as investors were impressed with its high dividend yield. Now MMM has come back to earth.

Sodastream Shouldn’t Have Sold Out to Pepsico

Sodastream (SODA) just sold out to Pepsico (PEP) in what I think is one of the dumbest decisions SODA management could have made.

The Trade Desk Blasts Off Again After Earnings

The Trade Desk (TTD) broke out in a big way after reporting profits. Here's my detailed report on TTD, including 2 catalysts you need to know.

Facebook’s Numbers Look Terrible

Facebook (FB) slashed profit estimates, sighting higher expenditures on safety and security. So is FB a buy at these levels?

M&T Bank is Growing Good with its Lower Tax Rate

M&T Bank is growing good this year as higher interest rates and a lower tax rate are helping profits. With a P/E of 14 MTB is a value.

Sherwin-Williams Rebounds to New Highs

Sherwin-Williams (SHW) was down after lowering profit guidance last qtr. This qtr the stock rebounded to new highs as estimates rose.

Google’s Re-Entry into China is Bad News for Baidu

Google is setting up to re-enter the Chinese search market, where it was once the #1 search engine. That's bad for Baidu.com (BIDU).

Visa’s On a Roll, But a Rising USD Could Hurt Profits

Visa (V) is growing strong this year (profits rose 40% last qr). The stock looks great. But will a rising USD hurt profits going forward?

Grainger Proves Economic Growth is Back Baby!

Industrial supply retailer Grainger (GWW) reported its third consecutive strong qtr, proving growth in the economy is back baby!

Google Planning to Re-enter China

Google (GOOGL) is planning to re--enter China with a search engine -- and cloud computing -- that will comply with Chinese authorities.

BlackRock Stock Isn’t Having a Good Year

BlackRock (BLK) stock isn't having a good year. And now Fidelity's move to introduce no-fee mutual funds has sent shares even lower.